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Naadam Festival Tour ! The Great Naadam Festival is one of the TOP 10 festivals in the world.

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Mongolia Naadam festival tour

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The Naadam Festival consists of Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing, and is best of the Mongolian festivals. This fantastic Naadam Festival tour takes you to Mongolian Great Naadam and Mongolian natural and cultural highlights. When you take part in the Naadam you will experience the thrill of watching hundreds of racing horses with their remarkable young riders, strong wrestlers performing the "Eagle Dance" and traditionally dressed archers as well as the magnificent Naadam Grand Opening Ceremony in the Central Stadium. 

This Mongolia tour also includes Karakorum - the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire and Erdene Zuu - the first and most beautiful Buddhist monastery. At the end of the Naadam tour you will visit the Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve – home to rare wildlife and real nomads. 


Brief Itinerarygo to detail

Day 1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, tour of the City
Day 2: Ulaanbaatar- Elsen Tasarkhai
Day 3: Elsen Tasarkhai- Karakorum
Day 4: Karakorum- Ulaanbaatar
Day 5: Naadam Festival
Day 6: Ulaanbaatar- Gun-Galuut
Day 7: Gun-Galuut- Ulaanbaatar
Day 8: Departure from Ulaanbaatar

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2014-07-07 2014-07-14 8 days
1950US$ pax
2014-07-10 2014-07-17 8 days
1950US$ pax

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  • Jul 07, 2007. Great Naadam Festival tour Wondering where you should go for your next trip? I would recommend Mongolia. WHY??? I had such a great and unique travel experience throughout my stay in th..

    Ms. Yiman Ng

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival In Ulaanbaatar:  Tour of the city
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, meet at the airport after custom formalities and transfer to the hotel. You visit the Gandan Monastery, Genghis Khan Monument on the Sukhbaatar square and the Museum of National History. Centrally located excellent Hotel 3* L
Day 2: Ulaanbaatar – Elsen Tasarkhai
After breakfast at the hotel, we pack the vehicles and depart to the west toward Karakorum, the ancient capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to camp near the Mongol Els Sand Dunes. Optional hiking in Khogno Khaan with a visit to the Ovgon monastery ruins.Ger camp B+L+D
Day 3: Elsen Tasarkhai – Karakorum 
We visit legendary monastery Erdene Zuu, the first Buddhist monastery in Central Mongolia founded in 1586, Museum of Karakorum and its surroundings the Turtle Rock and the Phallic stone etc. 
Ger camp B+L+D

Day 4:
 Karakorum - Ulaanbaatar
We drive to the east to Ulaanbaatar, arrive and transfer to the hotel. Rest and prepare for the Great Festival of the next day. This is a lifetime experience indeed and everyone wants to take part in it. The Mongols have the saying “If you be healthy, you will see the Naadam” 
Centrally located excellent Hotel 3* B+L+D

5: Naadam Festival
See the fantastic opening ceremony of Naadam festival and watch the first round of Wrestling, and then Archery and Ankle bone shooting competitions. In the afternoon we drive to the horse racing place to experience the horse races. Meals at restaurants and hotel overnight. 
Centrally located excellent Hotel 3* B+L+D

Day 6: 
Ulaanbaatar – Gun-Galuut
We will leave the bustling city this morning to the serene Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve. Arrive and transfer to lovely Steppe Nomads tourist camp. Short hiking or horse riding to view wild mountain sheep Argali and other endangered birds such as White Napped Crane, White Crane, Black Stork and Whooper Swan etc.,  
Ger camp B+L+D

Day 7: Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve - Ulaanbaatar
After breakfast we drive back to Ulaanbaatar for 2 hours with a stop at the Giant Genghis Monument and transfer to the hotel. Then we visit the Bogd Khaan’s Palace Museum – the residence of the last king of Mongolia and the Buddha Park. Enjoy traditional folklore concert by the magical Tumen Ekh ensemble. Farewell dinner. Centrally located excellent hotel 3* B+L+D

Day 8:
 Departure From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

Date & Price - set departure tour

2014-07-07 2014-07-14 8 days
1950US$ pax
2014-07-10 2014-07-17 8 days
1950US$ pax

Single supplement charge US$260      

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  • Full-time services of your local guides.
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees
  • Private transfers and transports
  • Twin/double share accommodation: Centrally located, good 3* hotel in Ulaanbaatar, good tourist camps at each destination
  • Meals as listed (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner)
  • Horse riding fees in Gun-Galuut
  • Naadam Festival tickets and arrangements
  • 0.5 l x 3 bottled water per day
  • Visa support invitation letter where applicable
  • Exclusive Great Naadam festival souvenir!
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The Naadam festival is the biggest and most joyful celebration of the Mongols. It takes place on the 11-12th July annually. 

The festival itself originated from the era of Hunnu Empire (209 BD) and was originally organized as a competition to test the skills of Mongol warriors between tribes. The festival comprises the "Three Manly Sports": wrestling, horse racing and archery. A fascinating and interesting event for all is where the 9 White Flags of Chinghis Khan are carried in a ceremonial parade from the State Parliament House to the Central Stadium and many other events to name a few.

512-1024 wrestlers compete on the green field of the State Central Stadium-there is no time limit, no weight category and the arena is not fixed. They have the most number of tricks and the Mongolian national wrestling is the most challenging wrestling in the world. Mongolian wrestlers wear traditional Mongolian boots and special clothes for wrestling, Zodog - a small open-fronted vest.

It's impossible to imagine the Mongols without their horses. Mongol horse is small in body but as strong as rocks! There are 6 different categories of Mongol national horse racing depending on the age of horses. The riders, both boys and girls are aged between 5-12 and the distance of the race ranges from 15-30 km. Horses race on natural track and natural barriers. The racers train their horses for a month on a strict diet and everyday training.

There's no need to argue on that the Mongols are the best archers in the world. Archery, originating from time immemorial, is the oldest sport of the Mongols. Traditionally, this was only men's sport but nowadays both men and women compete in separate divisions. Male archers shoot on a 75m range while female archers shoot on a 60 m range.

Why to take a Naadam festival tour? Naadam festival tour includes the Mongolia Great Naadam Festival Holiday that takes place in mid July once a year. Naadam festival tours are the highlight of Mongolia and the Naadam festival itself is a fantastic event. We invite you to our Naadam festival trips in Mongolia. Naadam Festival 2007 is a special one!
Mongolian Naadam Festival
More info about Naadam festival: Mongolian Naadam Festival is the highlight of all these festivals and events that this country holds. The Naadam festival is held in mid July annually and the Mongols show off with this festival. The Naadam festival, or eriyn gurvan nadaam, is the biggest festival of the year for Mongolians. Usually occurring in July, it runs for three days in all parts of the country and highlights the greatest athletes in horse racing, archery, and wrestling: Mongolia's most popular sports. During the festival women participate in all but the wrestling category. The word Nadaam means game or competition in Mongolian. Competitions take place days on the first two and merry-making is reserved for the third.
The Naadam festival has been held for centuries as a form of memorial celebration, as an annual sacrificial ritual honoring various mountain gods or to celebrate a community endeavor. The festivities kick off with a colorful parade of athletes, monks, soldiers marching in perfect uniformity, musicians performing powerful military tunes, and Mongolians dressed in Chinggis-style warrior uniforms. It is the most widely watched festival in the country, and is believed to have existed for centuries in one fashion or another.
The Great Naadam festival is lots of music, dances and sports and very colorful. Naadam festival's competitions were originally called "the three manly sports" and, thus, restricted to men. But over time, and under the influence of the former communist rulers' insistence on female equality, the horse races and archery were opened to all comers. Only wrestling remains a "manly sport". The best parts of the Naadam festival are the Naadam festival opening ceremony, Mongolian wrestling, Traditional Mongolian archery and Mongolian horse racing.
Naadam wrestling, archery and horse racing are very famous as hundreds of participants participate in them. The Mongols wear their colorful clothes on the Great Naadam Festival day and go to the Naadam stadium to take part in it. Selena Travel organizes wonderful Naadam festival tours and we invite you to spend your holiday in Mongolia taking one of our Naadam festival trip. Travel to Mongolia and see Great Naadam festival of Mongolia!


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  • Jul 07, 2007. Great Naadam Festival tour Wondering where you should go for your next trip? I would recommend Mongolia. WHY??? I had such a great and unique travel experience throughout my stay in this beautiful country. Whether it was visiting the nomads, attending the Naadam Festival, traversing the sweeping landscapes, experiencing its culture, learning its fascinating history, watching wildlife, or riding a yak, the trip captures the essence of Mongolia. Meeting the nomads was such a great way to learn about their way of living in such an authentic and intimate manner. I had developed a deep appreciation of their resilience, tenacity and ingenuity in living with nature. As well, I was very much taken by their hospitality. Zola, thanks for your great help, patience in answering all my emails in such an informative and prompt manner, and planning this trip.

    Ms. Yiman Ng
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