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Fun and short horse trail ride in Mongolia!

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Wildlife Safari on Horse tour

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This short soft adventure trip is dedicated to the one, who are willing to ride Mongolian sturdy steeds and experience Mongolian nomadic lifestyle at the same time enjoying the viewing Mongolian wildlife including endangered Argali wild mountain sheep, White Cranes and White-Naped Cranes. 

This trip takes you to the amazing Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, a home to many endangered wildlife, a unique place for meeting real nomads and learning their wonderful lifestyle. Moreover, it is an ideal place for horse riding with its hilly steppes along the beautiful River Kherlen.


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Day 1: Ulaanbaatar – Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve via Genghis Monument
Day 2: Full Day of Horse Riding In Gun-Galuut
Day 3: Half Day of Horse Riding – Ulaanbaatar

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2014-05-15 2014-09-30 3 days
395US$ pax

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Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Ulaanbaatar – Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve Via Genghis Monument
Meet Selena Travel, or pick you up from your accommodation and drive to a nomadic family for 130 km (about 2 hour drive) to the east, welcome lunch with the hosts, introduction to the nomadic lifestyle, orientation with the area, cook Noodle Soup for your dinner with the help of the nomads and overnight in separate gers. Nomadic Ger. L+D

Day 2: Full day horse trail ride in Gun - Galuut 
After breakfast, we ride a horse to the mountain Baits, where the Argali-wild sheep live with packed lunch. See the wild sheep and other wild animals including marmot, wolf, fox, corsac fox and many more. You may also see the wild sheep come to the river for water at night. Transfer to Steppe Nomads tourist ger camp. Dinner and overnight there.Ger camp B+L+D

Day 3: Half Day Of Horse Riding – Ulaanbaatar
After breakfast ride to Lake Ayaga and Lake Ikh-Gun for 7km, bird watching, view birds - some of them are endangered rare birds including White Cranes, Whooper Swans, Black Storks and many species of ducks etc." then ride back to the tourist camp. Dinner and drive back to UB. B+L


Date & Price - not set departure tour

2014-05-15 2014-09-30 3 days
395US$ pax

Included in the price

  • Full-time services of your English speaking local guide throughout the tour
  • Sightseeing and cultural show admissions according to the itinerary
  • Private transfers with car/minivan equipped with AC
  • National Park entrance fee
  • 1.5 day of horse riding in Gun-Galuut
  • Wrangler fee
  • Genghis monument elevator fee
  • Meals as listed & bottled water
Not included in the price

  • International Airfare/train ticket
  • Travel insurance.
  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
  • Items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, camera or video fees at any sites etc.
  • Tips for your guide and driver (discretionary).
  • Optional activities such as camel riding, archery, fishing etc


  • 5% off in May, Jun, Oct
  • For children of a family (0 – 3 years old) is 100% free of charge
  • For children of a family (4 – 12 years old) is 40% free of charge
  • Courier bringing min 3 pax
  • More attractive prices for groups of 12 and more people!
  • 1 free space for every 16 PAX 

Gun Galuut Nature Reserve: Gun-Galuut is a breathtaking nature reserve, which is home for some endangered wildlife species including wild mountain sheep Argali, White crane, White naped crane, Whooper swan, Black stork, Blue Heron, White Crane. 

Gun-Galuut NR
, a great protected paradise - a marvelous combination of pristine waterfronts situated amongst steppe mountains with unique wildlife, beautiful native flowers and lovely lakes with rare waterbirds. The Nature Reserve has the most advantageous location of being the gate to the biggest tourist attractions in the amazing eastern Mongolia such as Hodoo Aral, Avarga Toson, Herlen Bayan Ulaan Uul, Deluun Boldog, Gurvan Nuur, Oglogchiin Herem, Rashaant Had, Baldan Breybung Monastery, Lakes Yakhi and Toli, Lake Khokh, Altan Ovoo, Shiliin Bogd and so on.

Useful information for Horseback riding in Mongolia:
 Mongolia horseback riding is wonderful, words are not enough to explain this fantastic adventure of horseback trek, horseback ride and horseback trekking in Mongolia. The country is rich in excellent Mongolia horseback trails and people go for horseback riding treks a lot in Mongolia. Take part in our fantastic Mongolia horseback tours and trips. 

Mongolian horses and Mongolian horse culture: Mongolia is one of the greatest lands of horse riding tours and horse trekking. There are more than 2.5 million horses in Mongolia. The best way to discover any wonders is on horseback riding in Mongolia. Mongolian horses are ponies by European standards, with a shoulder height of less than 1.5 m. However, they are very strong, with amazing stamina. Mongolian horse riding utilities and decorations are very special in the world. So it becomes traditional wonderful heritage. Most people imagine Mongolia with skillful Mongolian horse riders and wonderful Mongolian horse. In countryside nomadic children learn to ride horse since 3 years old often and take part in horse race competition.

Mongolians respect the horse very much and horse is one of the best symbols of good luck. All Mongolians like to ride horse and enjoy them very much. You can be one of us in Mongolia too. Selena travel offers you the most wonderful adventure horseback trekking or horse riding tours. Horse riding tours will be organized in the Khentii mountain range, Vast steppe of Mongolia and Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve which is a land of Genghis Khan, legendary central Mongolia, forestry Northern Mongolia, and highlighted Western Mongolia or in all of the parts of Mongolia. You can visit the Mongolian wonderful heritages while do horseback riding tours.
We can organize horseback riding tours in unforgettable level. Enjoy the Mongolian horseback trekking and horse riding tours.


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We haven't reveived any feedback or review with this tour yet. If you've been travelling with Selena Travel on this tour, you are open to give us your feedback, simply reach with us here. Thank you so much for your interest ot share experience in Mongolia.
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