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A Journey in Mongolia - a travel book by Margaret Lyle

Posted by Selena travel , on July 29, 2013

A Journey in Mongolia - a travel book by Margaret Lyle
We are delighted to inform you that a new book about Mongolia has just been published - the author is Margaret & Christine (UK) who travelled with us twice (2010, 2011)! "From Temujin to Chinggis Khan. A journey in Mongolia" is about Margaret & Christine's travels to Mongolia & the Great Khan of the Mongols "Genghis Khan/Chinggis Khaan" and his life & resurrection. Congratulations to Margaret & Christine! 
In 2011, they travelled to the birth land of Genghis Khaan, which is current Binder, Dadal soum (local village or town) of Khentii province. The book consists of 15 chapters, Glossary, Who's who, Short Bibliography and Acknowledgements. It is written as non - academic words, so, we viewed that this book could be easy to understand for non-native English speakers and let them know Chinggis Khan's story in easy way and, as words of travellers like  you. 
In the chapter I, they've called it as "Ulaanbaatar", which is the capital of Mongolia and is getting very urban city. According to their book, "Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar. It sounds exotic and mysterious. Somewhere anything could happen. .....
... Christine and I were in Mongolia to visit some places of significance in the life of Chinggis Khan,  a man who changed the direction of Mongolian civilisation and also the civilizations of much of the then known world"
... We had began our researches by reading an excellent book by John Man, Genghis Khan: Life, Death and Resurrection. We were very impressed by the story of his (Chinggis Khan's - no John Man's) rise to power and how he went from being a friendless outcast to leader of the Great Mongol Nation. ...
PS: Chinggis Khan is Чингис Хаан in Mongolian and it is transcribed directly from Mongolian language into English as Chinggis Khaan. Genghis Khan is world known spelling. There is another thing that is Khan could be occured as "Khaan", it is a "Хаан" in Mongolian, so Mongolian Cyrillic’s double "A" in the middle of "Хаан" is transcribed as "Khaan". Mostly the spelling "Khan" is world known one. 

The book says in the chapter IV, named Blue Lake to Binder - ... As we got nearer to Binder we drove along a ridge that gave a splendid view of the Onon River. According to the Secret History, Temujin was born along the banks of this river at Deliun Hill - wherever that was....
At the end of the book, it says that ... He believed that the Eternal Blue Sky expected him to bring to the wider world the order and unity that he had brought to Mongolia; which is what he did, successfully leading his army into china and Central Asia. These last 20 years of his life are another, and well - documented, story.  
If you want to discover their travel story and Chinggis Khan's story, please contact us at

Hope you'll enjoy the book!!! And thank you so much again and again to Margaret Lyle and Christine Wardingley. We're so appreciated for being part of their discovery of Chinggis Khan in Mongolia. 


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