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  • Hello, as we've now been home just a week, I wanted to share with you the e..

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  • In the event you haven't noticed it, I have a love affair going with Mongol..

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  • Jul 12, 2007. Beijing Highlights and Naadam Festival tour

    How can we praise you enough for the fantastic trip that you arranged for us? We were expecting to have a wonderful time but everything exceeded our expectations. We had the time of our lives.....both Glenn and I enjoyed every minute of every adventure. We were so happy to get to share the Naadam Festival with you. You were great to take us to all the events and spend the time with us. It was such a great experience that we'll never forget. I am trying to get my pictures so that I can e-mail some to you. I am not good on the computer but I will keep trying.

    Zola, thank you so very, very much for everything you did to make our trip so special.

    Ms. La Vonne and Glen. USA
  • Jul 07, 2007. Great Naadam Festival tour

    Wondering where you should go for your next trip? I would recommend Mongolia. WHY??? I had such a great and unique travel experience throughout my stay in this beautiful country. Whether it was visiting the nomads, attending the Naadam Festival, traversing the sweeping landscapes, experiencing its culture, learning its fascinating history, watching wildlife, or riding a yak, the trip captures the essence of Mongolia. Meeting the nomads was such a great way to learn about their way of living in such an authentic and intimate manner. I had developed a deep appreciation of their resilience, tenacity and ingenuity in living with nature. As well, I was very much taken by their hospitality.

    Zola, thanks for your great help, patience in answering all my emails in such an informative and prompt manner, and planning this trip.

    Ms. Yiman Ng. CANADA
  • Jun 06, 2007. North and Central Mongolian Explorer

    It is almost a week that we have been at home and still I am feeling the amaizing vibrations of Mongolia. You have a stunning land, so coloured, so romantic, in spite of the so bumpy roads, I am crazy about the combinations of the varied landscapes, the open steppes, the so touchable people, the melodies and animals and flowers that were greeting us all over. Every day of the journey was like a magic for me and I know for sure that it is only the first time and I will come again.

    I want to thank you again for being so proffesional, I was so glad to meet you such a delicate person, I am glad that I made my travel in Mongolia with you. Keep doing what you are doing in the same devotion.

    Mrs. Ilana Heim and Mr. Gadi Heim . ISRAEL
  • May 15, 2007. Horse Trekking from Tuul to Kherlen

    Just a note to thank you for the best trip ever. Mongolia horse trips offer a special blend of adventure and a view to a way of life not found anywhere else. However the biggest thing was the people from Selena we went with. They could not have been better, tears from laughing too much at dinner and tears at the airport leaving these wonderful people. Can’t guarantee every Selena team will be like ours but Enkhmunkh, Erdenebat, Usukhbayer, and Enkhmunkh, the best ever.

    Eric and daughters. USA
  • Sep 05, 2005. Fly fishing for Taimen trip

    About Taimen Fishing trip A taimen fishing trip in the north of Mongolia is a true challenge. The fisherman is a globe-fisher and the sporting fish has all it sense and merge the geographical variety, cultural and human of the deeply felt Mongolia. Beautiful country, fantastic adventure and fishing trip.

    PS: He has been visiting and doing fishing trips in Mongolia since 2003 almost every year until now. 

    Mr. Galoy Gilbert. BELGIUM
  • Sep 05, 2005. Fly fishing for Taimen trip - group with Mr. Galoy Gilbert

    Hi Zola,  I just wanted to tell you that we had a fantastic time in your country. Baya the guide was excellent as were the drivers. I would have no hesitation recommending your company to anyone.

    Gary Campbell. UK
  • Aug 05, 2005. Mongolia Bird Watching tour report

    After a very successful trip to Mongolia in 2001, we decided to go again, this time with our respective spouses who lucked out last time. The party was made up of my parents, Ralf and Juliane, my wife Ha, and yours truly. Just like with our last visit, we used Selena Travel, they can be reached at Once again, everything was pretty well organized, apart from a couple of minor glitches; more on that further down. As only my wife and myself are birders, we did not book a hard-core birding trip. However, Mongolia is all about nature (not many cinemas and discotheques in the Gobi), so birding was possible everywhere.
    PS: This is our travellers travel report and all texts and photos are taken from their website. 

    Hanno Stamm. UK
  • Aug 12, 2002. Mongolia Bird Watching report

    This report is written from memory. Whilst I did keep an accurate list of the birds seen, I did not really pay attention to anything else, as I never had any intention of writing a trip report. Therefore, I cannot really comment much on accommodation, traveling times, etc.
    This was not a birding trip per se. I went to Mongolia for two reasons: a) my mother was visiting me in China, where I worked at the time, and she had always wanted to go to Mongolia, and b) after a year in Beijing I needed to escape the maddening crowds of that city.
    PS: This is our travellers travel report and all texts and photos are taken from their website. 

    Hanno Stamm. UK

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