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  • Hello Crys, Here are a few photos from our trip. We had a great time a..

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  • After a very successful trip to Mongolia in 2001, we decided to go again, t..

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  • Aug 11, 2010. Northern Mongolia customized trip

    Thank you Selena Travel for making our long awaited Mongolia visit an excellent, memorable trip. It has been absolutely wonderful and everything in Mongolia is great! This was one of the best travel experiences in my life and I've been to over 120 countries so far. 

    Maria and Jose. PHILIPPINES
  • Jul 11, 2010. Discover True Mongolia: departure Jul 13 - Aug 02 + Naadam add - on

    Please accept my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your kindness, attention and prompt professionalism in organizing everything for me......including choosing and booking additional hotel nights, the Naadam Festival (you were a splendid guide!) and for contacting Nyamka of Solid Ways in my behalf to help me purchase flights PEK-ULN. She did so promptly and with grace and attention to my dilemma.

    In one of your early emails, Zola, you stated "We will not disappoint you". This certainly was the case! This tour was the perfect one for me and more than exceeded my expectations. Gorgeous sunsets,ever changing vast and beautiful vistas, calm, peace, tranquility, a multitude of beautiful animals and birds, gorgeous wild flowers, wonderful monasteries and congenial, friendly, gracious staff at the ger camps, and many activities and opportunities to learn about Mongolia and her rich culture. Steppe Nomads camp was the perfect setting as a last stop before returning to UB., including the most delicious buffet breakfast I ever had.
    I felt very healthy and energized during this tour, and it was wonderful not to have be exposed to the media....not a care in the world.. I wish to extend a special thank you to Jak. He was such a gentleman, an excellent and competent driver always mindful of the safety of his passengers as well as the care and respect of his vehicle. I am in the process of contacting friends and acquaintances to recommend Selena Travel and Zola, their magnificent sales manager.

    Discover True Mongolia Tour tops my list of my most memorable experiences. Mongolia is beautiful and the people so kind and welcoming! My only disappointment was that I had to leave!

    Virginia. USA
  • Jul 10, 2010. Great Mongolian Discovery - Tailor Made Holiday

    Hi Selena Travel, I take the opportunity to repeat and underline what we already wrote on the feedback fothe end of our journey, in the beginning of august:

    "All of the members of the team who accompanied us on our tour in Mongolia are amongst the most wonderful people we ever met: apart from being highly professional, they all became real friends, so that are Mongolian journey became a most unique and unforgettable experience.
    " Whatever we asked, whatever needed to be done, all team members always stood ready to do more than their best to make things go right ; their dedication was really beyond compare. 
    "Thanks to all team members, we have had the opportunity to get a really fantastic impression of your country; Mongolia should be proud of such "ambassadors". 
    "All 3 drivers' skills deserve a very special mention: had it not been to the exceptional ability, both in driving and in mechanics, of Sodoo, Batcha and Baska, some parts of our tour would not have been possible to make; of course, this does not detract anything from the merits of the other team members, each for his or her own part of the job.

    Lieven Mariën, on behalf of the "Cnudde party - Hilde 9 pack. BELGIUM
  • Sep 28, 2009.

    We have had our tour in your lovely country and we are now back home safely.
    It has been an exciting and 
    memorable tour for us. We love the wildeness of the desert and admire the life of the nomads. We thank you for your kind arrangement. We had a good time in Mongolia and we would definately advise our friends to visit your country when they can. Thank you again for your tour and we wish you great business in next season.
    Best regards, 

    Chong Heng & 14 colleagues. MALAYSIA
  • Aug 05, 2009. Horse Trekking from Tuul to Kherlen

    I have been back from Mongolia for a month and have spent so much time looking through the photographs again and again… My friend, Leng, and myself really want to thank Selena Travel for giving us such memorable experiences.

    Before we set off to Mongolia, all our friends ask us: "What is there to see in Mongolia except grass? How can horse riding be fun except whole day on a horse?" Well, after returning from our trip, we shared our photos and experiences with them in complete satisfaction. Our tour guide (Dorjoo), the driver and horseman were all so friendly, dedicated and responsible. This is our first horse riding trip and they guided us so well that we were so comfortable and carefree with our horses just after half day of riding. Throughout the horse riding journey, we chitchat and enjoyed beautiful sceneries as the horse trotted through the grassland; many times we get adventurous and we galloped for a distance. We simply fell in love galloping on horseback…. and the staffs were always just beside me to ensure our safety. We really had an awesome time in Mongolia. Even overnight in the wild land, sleeping in tent, telling stories and joking under the starry skies is a memory that is so unforgettable to us. We will definitely recommend this Mongolia Horse Riding trip to all my friends…. It’s a different experience of a lifetime. We not only missed the vast grassland and Mongolian horses, but also the nature, mountains, lakes, fresh air, and amazing people from Selena Travel.

    Hui Hui & Leng . SINGAPORE
  • Jul 11, 2009. Discover True Mongolia: departure Jul 13 - Aug 02 + Naadam add - on

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the photo of the unforgettable part of Naadam! We had a great holiday thoroughly enjoyed it . . .. We found the Mongolian people very friendly and welcoming and nothing was too much trouble for them. Our little group of seven tourists, our guide Oogiii and two drivers Jack and Batar had a lot of fun together with much teasing and laughter on those long 'road' journeys. Oogiii was a great guide and readily and easily sorted out any problems that arose, she quickly got the measure of Dave and teased him as much as she was teased. I'm still sorting through my pictures but I've attached a few for you.

    Ann & Dave. WALES, UK
  • Jul 25, 2008. Mongolia Eclipse Tour July - Aug 2008

    We hope that everyone has comfortably eased back into their usual routines after the wonderful Mongolia tour. I (Ted) have been busily plowing through the photos on my two cameras and have more-or-less gotten them in order, I've whittled them down to a little over 200 from over 1200 and created a web slide show for anybody interested. It is viewable at:

    I've concentrated (mostly) on "pretty pictures" of the people and landscape, I'll try and put up something different, more focused on our group, at a later date.

    For the totality shots, that is obviously not how it looked over time. There are 2 series of 4 shots (one from the first few seconds of totality, one as totality was ending). The 4 shots are different exposures: recommend camera setting, 1 stop under exposure, 5 stops underexposure, and 1 stop over exposure). Good luck to all, hopefully we'll run into each other again at various points.

    Ted & Michelle Ressell . USA
  • Jul 08, 2008. Discover True Mongolia customized tour

    Hello, as we've now been home just a week, I wanted to share with you the experiences in Mongolia with your company. This trip represented almost three years of dreaming and planning, and I have to say we were nervous about it. The remarkably talented, humorous, and bright Nara surely put our fears to rest! I imagine that all of your guides are competent and friendly, but Nara is really something special. You are very fortunate to have such a flawless English speaker, passionate historian, and tremendously likable person as Nara to represent Selena Travel.
    Our trip was an unparalleled success, and I hope that telling of our experience will help increase responsible tourism in beautiful Mongolia so that others will come to love the country as we do. Again, thank you for a wonderful vacation that we will never forget.
    Please feel free to use my comments in your promotional material or pass along my email address to any future clients as a reference. I did have a short interview with National Public Radio while we were there that you might enjoy hearing--I regret that they edited out Nara and Baagii's names and did not permit me to mention Selena Travel, but if I have any oth er opportunities to promote your company, I will surely do it!

    I am including several pictures from our trip for you; one of the highlights, that wouldn't have happened without Baagii, was Donald getting to wrestle at Naadam (in Khatgol). Baagii's wrestling experience and willingness to help Donald learn about Mongolian wrestling was invaluable, and Naadam day was Donald's dream come true. My dream was a bit more prosaic, to ride a yak, and Nara helpfully located one for me in Huvsgol! Because of these and so many other requests cheerfully accomodated, we are thrilled with our Mongolia vacation!

    Sarah and Donald McLester . USA
  • Jun 26, 2008. Holiday with Nomadic family

    In the event you haven't noticed it, I have a love affair going with Mongolia. My third visit within two years clinched it for me. I can't think of a better place to spend my vacations than your country. 

    As in prior years, my fourth 
    Holiday with Nomadic Family was an unmitigated success. Ariunaa tirelessly translated, cooked and cared for me and educated me about the intricacies of Mongolian culture. 

    The Ganbolds and their friends made me a member of their horse racing team and we had the best time preparing our horses for Naadam. More than anything else, it is their friendship that will bring me to Mongolia over and over again. 
    I thank you Zola for all your assistance and support. Count me in again for next year!

    Meta Mertens . USA
  • Aug 09, 2007. Western Mongolia - customized ethnic group visit tour

    How are things in Mongolia? It hardly seems possible but it is already over a month since we were on holidays there. Thanks again for organising such a wonderful trip. The experience was one we will never forget. Our crew of Egi, Angel, Hasha, Badarch and Mandah were exceptional, and we all had a great time together. Once again, thanks and best wishes. 

    Mr. Phil Atkinson and friends. AUS

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