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Selena Travel has many successes in 2010

Then we celebrated our new year with many successes. We have to give big hands to some people who got award after all of their hard work. One of them is Mr. Batbold who is founder of Selena Travel Group and consultant of Selena Travel Group was bestowed with "Altan Gadas" medal which means "Pole Star" by President of Mongolia. This is the real proud of us because people who worked over 35 years for government and did very important thing for Mongolia are bestowed by the "Altan Gadas" (meaning North Star).

Ms. Nyamsuren G. Managing Director of Selena Travel Mongolia LLC was awarded with the title of "Honored Tourism Entrepreneur" and Mrs. Purevsuren. J who is director of Steppe Nomads Tourist Camp was awarded by "Honorary Certificate" from Mongolian Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism. In this case let's wish them continue their great work in the new beginning year and having more and more success.

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